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Deconstructing powerful psychotropic drugs to make better medicine

Our research group is dedicated to understanding and improving on powerful, rapid-acting therapies for psychiatric disease, such as ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin. We bridge basic science and clinical trials, connecting neuroscience, psychiatry and anesthesiology in pursuit of highly effective, safe treatment strategies scalable to the millions of patients who need them.


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Not to say microdosing is completely useless, but clearly the effects aren’t living up to the hype, and I’d be surprised if the cognitive effects were any better than a cup of coffee (and almost certainly not better than amphetamine).

A focused study from our lab to answer one question – what is the extent and time scale of effects of #psilocybin on dendritic architectures in vivo? Led by Lingxiao Shao with help from @ItsClaraLiao @NeilSavalia and others. @YalePsych @YaleNeuro 1/7

@RealMilesBerger intrathecal. For such a promising molecular pathway, studied for decades, to have zero targeted drugs in use worldwide strongly suggests early failure in trials, and I bet there have been many shots on goal.

@RealMilesBerger From 20 yrs ago... would love to find some modern science journalism on this topic

@RealMilesBerger Thx @RealMilesBerger! Interesting for sure... BDNF/trkB has been around for so long tho, makes me wonder why there isn’t a single drug developed around it? BDNF has failed in multiple clinical trials AFAIK... someone tell me otherwise

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