The Heifets Laboratory

Deconstructing powerful psychotropic drugs to make better medicine

Our research group is dedicated to understanding and improving on powerful, rapid-acting therapies for psychiatric disease, such as ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin. We bridge basic science and clinical trials, connecting neuroscience, psychiatry and anesthesiology in pursuit of highly effective, safe treatment strategies scalable to the millions of patients who need them.


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An exciting and important line of work from @TheBorisLab @stanfordanes. Look forward to the results! Is #ketamine an effective antidepressant when given during general #anesthesia? #SNACC2021 @SNACCNeuro

@BryanGlezerson @deepak_neuro @JNeurosurgAnes @stanfordanes @iars360 @AUA_Anesthesia @FAERanesthesia @snaccprez @naccsuk @neuro_scand @BillGrossMD 😂it’s literally the least we can do, matching drugs to pt comorbidities. Actual periop medicine and prehabilitation would be a wonderful thing… hopefully some segments of our specialty are ready for it!

@BryanGlezerson @deepak_neuro @JNeurosurgAnes @stanfordanes @iars360 @AUA_Anesthesia @FAERanesthesia @snaccprez @naccsuk @neuro_scand @BillGrossMD That’s kinda where I was headed with this- it’s possible that intraop management can change the trajectory of recovery in pts w mood disorders. Periop timeframe is not the time to start trialing SSRIs, but may be a niche for rapid acting antidepressants

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