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Deconstructing powerful psychotropic drugs to make better medicine

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Our research group is dedicated to understanding and improving on powerful, rapid-acting therapies for psychiatric disease, such as ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin. We bridge basic science and clinical trials, connecting neuroscience, psychiatry and anesthesiology in pursuit of highly effective, safe treatment strategies scalable to the millions of patients who need them.


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ICYMI - my group is hoping to add YOU to our bench. No need to commit before reaching out - happy to chat if you're curious and want to know more. Send a DM or hit me up:

🎙🧠Speakers include:
Dr. Josh Gordon, NIMH Director (@NIMHDirector)
Dr. Ruth O'Hara
Dr. Boris Heifets (@TheBorisLab)
Dr. Karl Deisseroth (@KarlDeisseroth)
Dr. Zhenan Bao (@zhenanbao)
Dr. Olu Ajilore (@pshrink)
Dr. Alan Schatzberg

'The Future of Personalized Neuroscience and Mental Health'

Join us on September 28th to take a deep dive into a precision approach to psychiatry in which neuroscience insights about the human 🧠 are translated into real world clinical care.

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Are you interested in psychedelic #neuroscience and therapy? Join the Michigan Psychedelic Center on Thursday for a half-day seminar, either in-person or via zoom. Check the center site for more info:

A long way to go to understand who is helped and who may be harmed by ketamine in the OR. Some brains are built different (surprise). Nice writing with you @RealMilesBerger & Melody!

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