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Deconstructing powerful psychotropic drugs to make better medicine

Welcome to the Heifets Lab

Our research group is dedicated to understanding and improving on powerful, rapid-acting therapies for psychiatric disease, such as ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin. We bridge basic science and clinical trials, connecting neuroscience, psychiatry and anesthesiology in pursuit of highly effective, safe treatment strategies scalable to the millions of patients who need them.


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Me and my colleague @elder_harrison formed a public comment to send to the DEA about the scheduling of DOI, but we need signatures from more researchers!!

Please message me your email if you are interested in signing and we can provide you a Docusign link!

Just published in @IARS_Journals: "Postoperative Delirium Severity and Recovery Correlate With Electroencephalogram Spectral Features".
Another piece of the puzzle to quantify and track conscious states through time. @avidan_michael @WashUanesthesia

Appreciate invitation to join @FortuneMagazine @bstormhealth panel led by @siobhannyc and including @flobrand @atai_life Neil Markey @BeckleyResearch & @CRodriguezMDPhD @StanfordMed
#psychedelic startups want to solve the mental health crisis

For readers, my suggested takeaway (for all of science not just psychedelics) is: try to distinguish studies that are designed to test mechanisms (often by measuring a situation where different possible mechanisms should produce different outcomes) from those that are not. 4/5

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