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Deconstructing powerful psychotropic drugs to make better medicine

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Our research group is dedicated to understanding and improving on powerful, rapid-acting therapies for psychiatric disease, such as ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin. We bridge basic science and clinical trials, connecting neuroscience, psychiatry and anesthesiology in pursuit of highly effective, safe treatment strategies scalable to the millions of patients who need them.


Twitter News

Today, we begin publishing our 2022 Year in Review.

The series kicks off with an Op-Ed from journalist @shayla__love, who is among the most astute observers of the nascent psychedelics industry.

Exciting to know that @TheBorisLab is planning to study the effects of psychedelics while under anesthesia! Can’t wait to see what they find…

Excited to share that I’ve touched down in Reykjavík, Iceland for the Psychedelics as Medicine conference!

I look forward to sharing some research & perspectives in my talk on Friday. Empathy, MDMA and social media … we’ll cover it all.

In this issue, Pomrenze @mCherryGarcia & coll. investigate how dynorphin and kappa opioid receptors promote social interaction deficits during protracted opioid withdrawal in mice
Read a Preview of this work by Heilig & Barbier

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