Daniel Rijsketic, PhDLife Science Research Professional


    Daniel Ryskamp Rijsketić , PhD, MSCI, trained in neuroscience at the U of Idaho (advisor: Stefan Werner, PhD), U of Utah (PhD advisor: David Krizaj, PhD; MSCI advisor: David Shprecher, DO, MSCI), UT Southwestern Medical Center (postdoctoral advisor: Ilya Bezprozvanny, PhD, DSci) and U of Florida (postdoctoral advisor:Laura Ranum, PhD) and focused research on understanding pathogenic events in
    neurodegenerative diseases (glaucoma, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

    With an eye toward eventually testing whether psychedelics might have therapeutic value for these conditions (e.g., via reducing neuroinflammation, enhancing synaptic plasticity, releasing nerve growth factors, and/or helping patients to cope with this form of terminal illness), Daniel joined the Heifets lab and is helping to map out the effects of classical and non-classical  psychedelics on neuronal activity throughout the mouse brain in order to identify neural circuits that may mediate beneficial actions of these understudied compounds.

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